Genuine Tickling

Guillaume and Tana – The stocks !

Guillaume and Tana – The stocks !

Warning : The sound is not as good as it will be in future clips, so we made a discount !

Have you ever dreamed of a real life couple tickling the hell out of each other for your pleasure ? Well, we did it, and boy it’s been something !


Tana with socks waiting to be tickled at genuine tickling

Guillaume and Tana are boyfriend and girlfriend in real life, and today they experiment tickling for the first time of their life ! After a tossing game won by her girlfriend, Guillaume discovers the stocks ! He’s tied up strongly and Tana is not going to go easy on him. With the help of the tickler, she tickles him until he begs her to stop ! His bare feet are tickled with brushes, electric toothbrush, gloves, but the baby oil kills him. The poor boy takes a lot of tickling from her evil girlfriend.

Tana tickles guillaume's feet at genuine tickling

Then we switch places and it is Tana’s turn to undergo tickle torture ! Tana is a really, really ticklish girl, a bit coward, and she hates being tickled. Now that you know all of this, you’ll be able to understand how much she suffered. The poor girl is tickled without mercy by the boys. Guillaume takes a sweet revenge on her girlfriend’s ticklish feet, with the same tools she used to tickle the hell out of him. We even had to give her a safeword, that she used THREE TIMES (told you she was a wimp ?). She ends the scene exhausted and not quite sure that she wants to go on for more. But you know what ? She had no choice 😛 !

Tana is tickled on her bare feet in the stocks at genuine tickling

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