Genuine Tickling

Linda’s Tickle Hell !

Linda’s Tickle Hell !

We never stop !

Get ready to meet a new ticklish duo at Genuine Tickling ! Linda and Murka study literature and they decided to give us some of their time … and a lot of their laughs 😛 !

The first one to go through tickle pain is Linda. She’s a charming 19 years old girl with an endearing personality … and a very ticklish body, of course ! Her friend Murka begins with some upperbody tickling, teasing Linda’s sides and underarms. The victim quickly understands that she’s in trouble, laughing and struggling to escape from the tickly fingers. Then the tickler shows her how skilfull he is, tormenting her little body for so much time ! She even yells, in english language “Help me !” when it goes too far ! A must have for upperbody fans !

Linda in stocks tickled

And it’s not over yet for the poor girl ! After experimenting how ticklish her upperbody is, it’s time for her to feel the tickling under her soft and delicate feet. Murka was the first to take a shot with the stocks, and Linda was absolutely merciless with her friend. Now, the tables have turned and it’s time for some intense payback ! Murka and the tickler tickle her small and ticklish feet for 17 STRAIGHT MINUTES using feathers, fingers, brushes, toothbrush, gloves and baby oil. Linda is very ticklish and it’s really hard for her to go through this !

Linda tickled on her upperbody at genuine tickling

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