Genuine Tickling

Yasmin going bananas

Yasmin going bananas

You’ve been numerous to ask for more stuff with Yasmin, and we don’t want to disappoint you ! The syrian beauty is back for a special foot tickle game ! First, let me tell you the whole story : Karol went to the stocks first and she suffered A LOT.

She actually suffered so much that Yasmin refused to give a shot to the stocks !

We found this little game instead : Yasmin is tickled by Karol and the tickler during at least 10 minutes. During this time, she can use her safeword twice.

If she fails and uses it three times, she has to go on the stocks. The ticklers start with Yasmin’s ticklish bare feet. The victim laugh, but she is less ticklish than expected. Indeed, she says in french language that she imagined that bad things happen to us, so she can control her laugh. The baby oil soon arrives, followed by some knees and upperbody tickling.

Yasmin uses her safeword twice, she can’t handle that much tickling. Fun fact : her safeword was supposed to be “ananas” which is pineapple in french, but Yasmin’s misunderstood (she’s syrian so she doesn’t speak french fluently) and she finally says “banana” instead. So … banana is the safeword ^^ !

At the end, she says how exhausted she feels, but she seems quite happy too !

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