Genuine Tickling

Karol begged us to stop

Karol begged us to stop

Now it’s time for Karol to endure tickle torture in the stocks ! Yasmin and the tickler lock her strongly and they start to tickle her feet with her socks still on. The girl is too ticklish to resist, and the brushes and the gloves are both very efficient on her feet. Then the socks turn off and the real torture begins ! Karol laugh louder and louder, her feet are one of her big weakness and she often asks to stop …

The baby oil comes in and Karol becomes even more crazy. She goes through the whole session but she ain’t thought to be that ticklish, and it has been a very hard session for her. This was after seeing her friend suffer that Yasmin refused to go in the stocks, thinking she won’t be able to go through that much tickle pain. Have fun !

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