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The Columbian Gheraldinne is tickled to Exhaustion

The Columbian Gheraldinne is tickled to Exhaustion

Warning : Long clip

You loved Tana and Guillaume ? Well it’s time to meet our next ticklish couple with Gheraldinne and Pablo ! They are both colombian students, from Bogota, and they came in France to fulfill their 4th year of college.

Gheraldinne and Pablo show their feet

The scene starts with an audition, IN ENGLISH, of these two nice and funny people. They explain why they are here, how they feel about the tickling experience, and they tell you where they are the most ticklish. Then we have a little audition ! Unfortunately, Pablo is only ticklish on his sides and armpits, BUT Gheraldinne has some very sensitive feet as well as a delicate upperbody !

Gherladinne and pablo goofing around


Then we begin with the first scene starring Gheraldinne in our stocks ! The girl is a bit frightened, but as soon as the tickling starts, she becomes a laugh-machine. She discovers her sensitivity, which was, to her thoughts, way lower, first with her socks on then with the socks off. The tickler and her boyfriend tickle her with many tools : feathers, toothbrush, brushes and of course gloves which are the most effectives.

Gheraldinne in the stocks


After a little break, Gheraldinne goes back in the stocks for a more intense time. Her feet are oiled, her big toes are tied back, and the only instruction of her tormentors is to make her laugh ! Once more, they use every effective tools on her small and ticklish feet for about 10 minutes more. At the end, Gheraldinne is exhausted and her soles are red, but she said off-record it was a pleasant feeling anyway.

Gheraldinne in the stocks 2 feet tickled toe tied


Enjoy this young colombian newbie @Genuine Tickling !Β 


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