Genuine Tickling

Linda’s revenge on murka

Linda’s revenge on murka

It’s time for Murka to endure her friend’s revenge ! After getting tickled that much by her best-friend, Linda couldn’t wait to get her payback. She was very excited to give Murka a taste of her own medicine.

This scene begins with some upperbody tickling. While Murka is immobilized, Linda tickles her about everywhere ! The poor girl struggles hard to face her friend’s tormenting fingers, but Linda ain’t care : she is enjoying this too much ! She even orders her to stop moving so she can torture her better ^^ ! After a little bit of retaliation, the girl asks to the tickler to use his tickle tricks on her, increasing her laughs. Murka ends the scene really exhausted, she didn’t think that it was gonna be that hard.

She is then put in the stocks with her socks on. Once again, Linda starts teasing her friend with a lot of pleasure, smiling all the time while Murka laughs and squirms under torturous fingers. This is a 2 vs 1 tickling time, with the tickler helping her so they can have the best reactions. Her socks don’t stay long, and she gets tickled with brushes, toothbrush, gloves, feathers and, of course, some baby oil for the second part of it.

Enjoy Linda’s revenge @ Genuine Tickling !

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