Genuine Tickling

Alejandra LOVED tormenting iranian Mahsa

Here we have Mahsa and Alejandra, a new duo of ticklish foreign students that agreed to try the tickle experience with us ! The first one is iranian and her friend is colombian, both very ticklish, both very happy to come here with us ! They are currently learning french and they both hope to end their studies in France.

Mahsa and Alejandra


Stocks : The first step for Mahsa the ticklish iranian student is our stocks ! She is very nervous, telling us that she feared to be unable to keep control since her feet are probably her most ticklish area. Well, she was right, her feet are undoubtly ticklish! Aleja and the tickler give her a good shot, tickling her with many tools and with baby oil for the second part. Mahsa reacts to every one of them with deep laughs and a lot of complaints. She even says the F world in english at some point.

Upperbody : Mahsa thought her upperbody would be less ticklish, but she was wrong ! Every inch of her body is ticklish, from her belly to her armpits (which she tried to hide saying “it hurts”, while she admits at the end that it was fake). Alejandra shows absolutely no mercy with her friend, tormenting her with an obvious pleasure. She doesn’t care of Mahsa’s complains, tickling her armpits without hesitation !

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