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“The Revenge of France Biting the Feet of Her Daughter Sara”

“The Revenge of France Biting the Feet of Her Daughter Sara”
By : Nino's Tickling

“the revenge of france biting the feet of her daughter sara” france takes off with sara biting on her delicate feet, the slice mother to daughter !!

This Is Ft Tickler’s Turn to Play With the Super Ticklish Khloe

This Is Ft Tickler’s Turn to Play With the Super Ticklish Khloe
By : Frenchtickling

This is FT TICKLER's turn to play with Khloe's super ticklish body so he immobilized her face down because he knows that girls are even more ticklish in this situation due to the fact they can't see the tickler.
The experimented tickler torments her bare soles and toes, her sides, hips, legs, underarms and neck till she goes crazy.

The beauty explodes in laughter at each touch on her helpless body with fantastic and arousing reactions especially when the hairbrushes and the tickling gloves run on her soft milky soles.
Once again we have had the chance to meet a girl who is as ticklish as she is beautiful and we ready had a lot of fun with her exceptionnal ticklishness.
Khloe is a true ticklish beauty who really offered us the best of tickle fun.

Morrigane knows what he is craving for

Morrigane knows what he is craving for

Morrigane knows very well that her feet give her power over other people. She therefore enjoys asking her sexual slave to kiss her shoes, suck her heels and lick her little feet for her greatest pleasure. In this clip you'll see :  - SHOES FETISH - BAREFEET WORSHIP  ENJOY!

Ticklish Lilly: More feet tickling + bastinado bonus

Ticklish Lilly: More feet tickling + bastinado bonus
By : RFstudio

Now it's time to tickle this funny and loved by many of our customers' girl - Lilly. Today she looks like a rocker: a leather jacket and tight black jeans. The video starts when Lilly is already tied by the hands and feet to a high headboard. Tickler immediately gags her mouth with a ballgag and began to tickle her feet.

I think many people are already familiar with her response - it is quite funny. I can not say that this girl is super ticklish on the feet, but she definitely has her own peculiarity. She is cheerful and reacts very emotionally.
Tickler lubricates her feet with oil and now they shine sexy.

After about 5 minutes, he removes the gag, and the tickling her feet with a comb continues.
In the sixth minute Tickler bored that Lilly jerks her feet. So he ties her big toes together. And tickle tickle tickle...
In the ninth minute Lilly says that her feet get numb and asks her to untie. But Tickler decides to punish her a little. He picks up the stack and starts to spank Lilly on the soles. For her these feelings are very new. She didn't expect to be spanked today!

But "the punishment" was short-lived - just about a minute.
Last 3 mins Lilly is untied and Tikler massages and tickles her feet, and Lilly talks and laughs...

Jackie's Second Deal - Extended Version

Jackie's Second Deal - Extended Version
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Jackie won the first bet with her slave so she is now ready to give him another chance! The thing is that he must deal with her sweaty socks in his face for thirty minutes! No cheating! She's a pretty smart girl so she wore the same socks for over a week to make sure this will be a terrible challenge for him!

She wants to win that bet and see him as a loser one more time! Jackie explains the rules to her slave and takes her shoes off to completely cover his face with her very sweaty socks! They were so fuckin' smelly! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks with a cruel smile and lick the dirty bottom! How does my week taste? Lick my socks and tell me! She also loves to stuck her foot really deep into his mouth to feel his juicy tongue on her toes! What a mean girl! (French Language)

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