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Alanis Goes Crazy in the Stocks

Alanis Goes Crazy in the Stocks
By : Frenchtickling

Our Crazily Ticklish New Model is now strongly immobilized in the stocks for an EXTREMELY INTENSIVE
tickles punishment.

Alanis really LOVES to be tickled to hell so she asked us if it would be possible to give her the tickling of her life.
What a wonderful challenge so be ready to enjoy one of the craziest tickle ever!
Salomee and the tickler really gave her exactly what she asked for and they got all her most sensitive spots sadistically.

Every inch of Alanis's body is ultra ticklish so every touch on her was a great moment with explosive reactions.
Special mention however for her VERY VERY ticklish soles and toes.

Veronika's Revenge on Cynthia

Veronika's Revenge on Cynthia
By : Cash4Laugh

After just getting tickled out of her mind by Cynthia the tables turn and it is now Veronika's turn to have her way with the hysterically ticklish Cynthia.
She taunts Cynthia, tickling her all over her entire body making her squeal, beg and laugh uncontrollably!

Lenore's Massage and tickle

Lenore's Massage and tickle
By : Lovely Laugh Tickling

Lenore loves to show off her feet ! It all starts with a massage, then she asks for her soles to be oiled... Oh it tickles.

The second part of the clip she is tickled in the stocks, and there is a bonus part too : In the end she is tickled ... while signing her modeling contract ! This was hard I guess :)

Vanda got in a tickling trap - Ballgagged, and nylon tickling in stocks

Vanda got in a tickling trap - Ballgagged, and nylon tickling in stocks
By : RFstudio

According to the story, curiosity dragged the young girl Vanda, who looked like a chubby angel, into a room in the center of which there is a strange bench with stocks. She came closer to the device and didn't notice how an unknown person appeared behind her and attacked her. As a result, Vanda found herself tightly fixed in the stocks. She has a tightly fastened ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. "Oh no, I hope he's not going to tickle me," she thought.
Tickling for Vanda is very serious, she cannot tolerate it calmly. Masked Man knew this very well because he had been following this cutie for a long time. He decided to fix her very securely so that Vanda didn't have a chance to escape tickling. He also knew that her feet get very ticklish when she wears nylon.

Masked man begins to tickle her delicate and sensitive soles through tights with various devices. Vanda goes crazy, she is even turned on by the realization of the fact that she is completely at the mercy of the tickler, she can do nothing but squeal and burst out laughing. But just moans are heard through the tight ball gag.

Vanda realizes with horror that she even likes it, although her feet are very ticklish it's the combination of this helplessness, fixation, and the strong tickling reaction of her nylon soles that turns out to be a truly exciting experience of sensual deprivation, and a secret fantasy of being a toy for tickling that has become a reality right now...

Beg for My Attention and Get Punished

Beg for My Attention and Get Punished
By : Princessenola

I came home at the end of the day,  My slaveboy is lying there with his hand tied behind his back and mouth tapped as I ordered. I gave him a few hard kicks into his belly getting him."Hello sweetie! How was your day? Did you miss me?" while kicking him. hahaha
I sat down, crossed my legs and started to dangle your shoe on my toes in front of his face.
I tease him, telling him "You must have been so lonely without me. Just lying there the whole day, dreaming about me, waiting for me to come home. Did your tongue miss my feet?" I slowly let my shoe drop on my toes and teased him again, and told him to worship my heels and feet...  but he cannot so I laughed on his face. I took the tape off his mouth and used him as a footrest , shoving my bare heel into his mouth.
I continued talking to him, asking him if he has been a bad boy?... He cannot talk because my heel is on his mouth... So I took it as a YES! I think he needed a good kicking.

I started kicking him in the belly with my  high heels. He's lying there with his back to the wall, and I kicked his stomach. I Made every kick count  and each kick has a reason! " This is for being such a ....."

Then I used my shoe heel as a footgag to see if he learned the lesson. I though he needed more so I put on my knee high boots while I kept verbal humiliating. " He is going to cry and lick his own tears"

I gave him another round of kicks in the belly, this time with boots. Finally  I finished him with the hardest kick possible LMAO ... and walk away laughing at him while he was crying at the floor.

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