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Remastered Vintage Series : The Hyper Ticklish Blonde Shakira - Bare Feet Tickling

Remastered Vintage Series : The Hyper Ticklish Blonde Shakira - Bare Feet Tickling
By : Frenchtickling

Shakira is an hyper ticklish blond from Hungary we worked with in the year of 2007.
She was as ticklish as she is beautiful and her incredible body is super responsive on every inch from head to toes.
This clip is the compilation of her bare feet tickle scenes.

First Shakira has her feet immobilized in the stocks while two guys tickle her HYPER ticklish bare soles.
They use fingers, electric brushes and they suck her feet a lot. Shakira absolutely can't stand to have her feet licked and sucked.
It drives her totally mad. You will enjoy many differents views of this very nice action.

Then this is time for an intensive hogtied punishment where the guy tickles her with fingers and by sucking her feet.
Wow Shakira can't stand to have her feet sucked and it makes her more ticklish.
What a good day for the tickler !

Madoka worships the feet of Headmistress Kristina to not get kicked out of school

Madoka worships the feet of Headmistress Kristina to not get kicked out of school
By : RFstudio

The story
Kristina is a private school principal. At the end of the day, she sits in her office. A knock is heard at the door of her office, and Madoka, an unlucky student and truant, enters the office.
Kristina was waiting for her to talk about her systematic absenteeism and, as a result, academic failure. But Madoka was silent and shy. The headmistress informs her student that she will most likely be expelled from school because of her situation. Madoka, realizing what's happening, said that she is ready to do anything to stay in school.

Kristina liked Madoka's offer and readiness, and she decided to take advantage of the plight of her student and help her, but on the condition that Madoka will have to work out and try hard.
Then, the headmistress walked up to the modest Madoka and strips her down to her panties. Madoka was very embarrassed but didn't dare to contradict her. Moreover, she always secretly admired Kristina's beauty.
The headmistress took out a pair of handcuffs and chained Madoka's hands behind her back. As a result, Madoka was on her knees, her ankles were also handcuffed and her big toes were chained with small toe-cuffs.

Kristina made her lick her big bare feet properly. Madoka kneeled by the couch on which her headmistress lied and dutifully fulfilled her part of the contract - she worshipped the fragrant and slightly sweaty feet of her school principal. Kristina moaned and got very excited because Madoka did it great. Over time, Kristina takes out a Magic Wand and started helping herself to cum while Madoka sucked her toes. Kristina got a perfect orgasm and became very pleased, but she didn't hurry to forgive Madoka so quickly...

For next, Madoka was hogtied tightly and ballgagged on the director's desk, and Kristina tickled her bare petite feet. Having played enough with her student, the headmistress assured her that she won't be expelled because she has paid off her debts completely. But instead of untying Madoka she simply left her alone. Topless hogtied Madoka had to learn her lesson.

Enola Lazy Hours - Foot Massage on Face and Foot Worship

Enola Lazy Hours - Foot Massage on Face and Foot Worship
By : Princessenola

It was a sunny relaxing day. I was sitting enjoying some quiet time drinking a beer my slave had bought me :) so his reward was some domination and humiliation by me!

i decided to give my slave a FACE MASSAGE using my perfect feet ;) I know, he must be dreaming haha. I go gentle around his face, letting him smell and feel my perfection. Sometimes, I'd just rest my feet on his face, using him as a FOOTSTOOL. I couldn't help myself to make him SUCK MY BIG TOES, moving them inside his mouth <3 At the end>
Trully beautiful!

Daisy's Brat Attitude

Daisy's Brat Attitude
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Daisy likes to make fun at this loser and especially after a full day with her shoes on! Her feet are so fuckin' smelly! She sits on his cock and makes him take her shoes off to cover his face with her dirty white socks! They were smelling all over the place! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks and lick the dirty bottom!

She just can't stop laughing at his face! Daisy also makes him take her socks off to rest her smelly bare feet in his face! Your face just fits perfectly under my feet! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles and all the dirt in between each of her toes!

This girl bends so well with rope!

This girl bends so well with rope!
By : Yuno

This video with few kind of ties, Patty arched weel wearing new gag.

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