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Remastered Vintage Series : The Hyper Ticklish Blonde Shakira - Upperbody Tickling

Remastered Vintage Series : The Hyper Ticklish Blonde Shakira - Upperbody Tickling
By : Frenchtickling

Shakira is an hyper ticklish blond from Hungary we worked with in the year of 2007.
She was as ticklish as she is beautiful and her incredible body is super responsive on every inch from head to toes.
This clip is the compilation of 3 upperbody tickle scenes where she is tickled till she loses control of herself.

Shakira is a delight to tickle because she jumps, laughs, screams and explode continuously.
The Tickler uses electric brushes and fingers and you will see that Shakira's sexy reactions show that she really really can't stand being tickled.

Bastinado and foot torment for tightly gagged secretary Xena

Bastinado and foot torment for tightly gagged secretary Xena
By : RFstudio

After the clip Xena gets inescapably tickled on our new chair, we learned that Xena has very sensitive soles. So we decided to shoot a bastinado video with her.
According to the story, Xena is a secretary who will be punished for not making reports on time. She is already sitting tied at her desk and tied very tightly and securely: her hands are tied behind her back in a box tie, her legs are tied to the table at knees and ankles, and her big toes are tied together.

Masked Man walks in and gags her with a huge ballgag, Xena's eyes immediately show suffering because the size of the gag is so big that her mouth is really open to the maximum.
Then he starts warming up her soles with a flogger, then moving on to a riding crop and a bamboo stick as a final device. He also uses a pointy stick on her soles to drive her crazy.

Xena reacts juicy, she growls, bellows, moans, and cries, all this is a real gift for a bastinado lover. She also looks at her tormentor with puppy and submissive eyes, while saliva flows out from under her huge gag.
In the end, the gag is removed from her mouth, and the blows continue to fall on her bare feet, filling the room with her screams.

Xena discovered new facets in BDSM for herself, she liked these feelings on her feet and she will certainly want to repeat such a seance in the future.

Xena is open to custom requests, feel free to drop us a mail!

Human Rug While I Take Care of My Self in the Bathroom

Human Rug While I Take Care of My Self in the Bathroom
By : Princessenola

My slave is getting a hard training - and I'll show him his position in my life clearly. He isn't worth anything and my  soles is just good enough for him. He'll be my human doormat - and he'll be treated accordingly. I'm walking all over his chest while a take care of my self and on the bathroom  - and I don't care if he's in pain at all.

I did not wanted to hear any noise of his pain so when he make noise I STAND REALLY HARD ON HIS NECK with my full weight Finally I decided to walk with my new shoes on him, and let him with the face looking at the floor for the whole day

Liberty's Feet in Your Face

Liberty's Feet in Your Face
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Liberty perfectly knows how to catch your attention and manipulate you! That was a long day with her boots on so she knows your are probably dying to smell her feet! She makes you bow down on your knees to serve as a slave and obey her commands! She makes you take her boots off then completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! They are actually really smelly so she rubs them all over your face and noticed something really hard in your pants! It seems like you are losing control!

Liberty also takes her socks off to smother your face with her smelly bare feet! She wants you to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles from heel to toes! She knows you are almost ready to explode so she wants to know how deep you can take her foot in your mouth! She wants you to cum in her boots right in front of you! Are you ready to serve?

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