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The Hysterical Sindy Is Tickled to Tears in Nylons

The Hysterical Sindy Is Tickled to Tears in Nylons
By : Frenchtickling

The hysterically ticklish Sindy is back to experiment Nylons Tickling punishment.
She's strongly immobilized on her own sofa in nylons with her horribly ticklish feet at the mercy of the sadistic Tickler and all his tickle tools.

Sindy loves to be tickled mercilessly so she asked to her tickler what could drive her insane.
Well he answered her that generally nylons increase sensitivity so he offered her to tickle her in this way till she cannot take it anymore.

The beautiful girl accepted with a particular request : she asked for being tickled to tears.
What a great programm.

Olivia got in a tickling trap - Ballgagged, nylon, and barefoot tickling in stocks

Olivia got in a tickling trap - Ballgagged, nylon, and barefoot tickling in stocks
By : RFstudio

Olivia is a young and ticklish girl, she got locked in stocks, legs wide apart, and toe-tied. She wears a school uniform and dark tights. She also has a blindfold (which will be removed later) and a big ballgag in her mouth. The setup for heavy tickling is ready.

Masked man intensely tickles Olivia's feet with various devices through her pantyhose and she goes crazy with it, moaning through the gag, screaming, and laughing. Her soles are very ticklish, especially in nylons.
Towards the end, Masked man rips the pantyhose, exposing Olivia's bare feet, and continues to tickle her. Enjoy!

Crawl on My Lap and Beg to Be Used as I Want

Crawl on My Lap and Beg to Be Used as I Want
By : Princessenola

My slave is getting a hard training - and I'll show him his position in my life clearly. He isn't worth anything and my  soles is just good enough for him. He'll be my human doormat - and he'll be treated accordingly. I'm walking all over his chest while a take care of my self and on the bathroom  - and I don't care if he's in pain at all.

I did not wanted to hear any noise of his pain so when he make noise I STAND REALLY HARD ON HIS NECK with my full weight Finally I decided to walk with my new shoes on him, and let him with the face looking at the floor for the whole day

Rachel's Sweaty Socks Challenge

Rachel's Sweaty Socks Challenge
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Damn! Let me introduce you here this 18 y.o. Brat Rachel! She's really hot and dominant in her first clip where we did a funny bet! I bet with her that I could survive thirty minutes with my nose in her socks even if she wore them all week long! What a mistake! She's working as a waitress in a busy place and go to the gym four days a week! Rachel explains me about the bet then makes me take her shoes off to cover my face with her sweaty white socks! They were so fuckin' smelly!

That's why she's laughing at my face! She starts the chronometer to make sure there's no cheating then makes me take some deep breaths in her socks! She also makes me lick the sweaty bottom after eleven hours with her shoes on! Rachel also takes some pictures with her phone and post them on Facebook to laugh with her friends! That was a really strong humiliation! Hot as Hell! (French Language)

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