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Camily Tickles New Ecuadorian Model Salina in the Stocks to Insanity

Camily Tickles New Ecuadorian Model Salina in the Stocks to Insanity
By : Frenchtickling

The beautiful Ecuadorian Salina is now strongly immobilized in the stocks with her entire body at the mercy of Camily.
This clip is mostly F/F even if the FT Tickler joins the action at some moments to increase the intensity of the tickling.
Salina is crazily ticklish everywhere and the fact she absolutely can't move at all makes her particulary hysteric under the tickle assaults.

She is a perfect tickle toy for Camily who love to be merciless with ticklish submissives.
The session is 50% upperbody and 50% bare feet tickling but it is 100% sadistical.
A very intensive tickle action on an extremely ticklish foreing student who discover that the best ticklers are in France!

Ticklish agony of Alsu in a dungeon

Ticklish agony of Alsu in a dungeon
By : RFstudio

By Dero

Alsu is in a dungeon dressed in a sexy oriental outfit and a juicy tickling in three positions awaits her.

1. Hogtie
Alsu is hogtied on the table and I will torment her slowly at first, and then faster and faster.
I run my fingers over her ticklish ribs and take her in a powerful grip to tickle her feet and sides at the same time. Then I lubricate her soles with cream and tickle her with a comb so that Alsu goes crazy. After that, I bite her feet and enjoy her insane reaction. After that, I give her a break

2. Tickling in stocks
Here I secured Alsu's arms in cuffs, and her legs are locked in stocks. Sitting behind her, I strongly press on her sides and tickle her while she's asking me to stop and gets exhausted. Then I lubricate her feet again with cream and tickle them with my hands. Alsu is already in a ticklish agony, but I don't stop.

3. Standing position in bracelets on chains
This is the most advantageous position for me and not the best for Alsu - she almost cannot move her arms and legs.
Being behind, I tickle her sweaty body. She is especially ticklish now, she's hot and tired and begs to stop.
The tickling came to an end and I almost let her go, freeing her arm and leg, but I suddenly attack her again like a predator and tickle her by surprise.
Finally, I release Alsu completely and she is happy :-)

Wife Amelia tickled again

Wife Amelia tickled again
By : federstreich

This is the second clip of my my wife Amelia. This time we are not using the stocks but she sticks her feet through one of our new kitchen-chairs. This clip is from August 2020. It happened after our swimming time in the Danube. First of all I tried to tease her with my favorite black feather and then switch to my fingers and finally I use the electric toothbrush.

This time Amelia was not as nervous and because of that it tickled her more than the last time in the stocks. I am so in love with her and her feet and I hope you can imagine why it´s a pleasure for me to touch and tickle them and maybe you fell a little in love with her feet too. Feel free to message us if you want to see more of her. :)

Liberty's Sweaty Nyloned Feet

Liberty's Sweaty Nyloned Feet
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Liberty knows how bad you are addicted to her smelly feet so she just takes advantage! That was a long day at work with her shoes on so it's just the perfect time to use you as a slave! She makes you bow down on your knees to take those shoes off then completely cover your face with her sweaty nyloned feet!

They are extremely hot and smelly but she wants you to smell them really bad! Liberty gives you the right to stick your tongue out just to lick the bottom of her soles! She wants you to taste her juicy sweat just to make that thing growing in your pants! She could feel that you are almost ready to explose so she wants you to suck her toes deep just before you fill the inside of her shoes with your cum!

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