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Camily Is Back for a New Terrific Punishment

Camily Is Back for a New Terrific Punishment
By : Frenchtickling

Our utlra ticklish friend is back for a new punishment on her bare feet and upperbody.
She's perfectly immobilized with all her most ticklish spots 100% vulnerable and ready.
As you know this girl is one of our most ticklish models and the fact that she absolutely can't move at all is absolutely
terrific for her.

The tickler attacks methodically all her most ticklish spots with his fingers, brushes and with his special glove on her
extra sensitive soles.
Camily is a great ticklee with a body made for all tickling fantasies and the guy knows exactly how to get the craziest
reactions from her.

Corrective measures and punishments for Astrid, the difficult teenager

Corrective measures and punishments for Astrid, the difficult teenager
By : RFstudio

This is a long clip with a story, lots of good bondage, tape gag, and belly torment of a beautiful Astrid.

In the story, a difficult teenager Astrid finds herself in a center for troubled teens due to smoking problems. Astrid behaves insolently and defiantly, so the guards decide to apply punishment for preventive purposes in order to improve her discipline and social responsibility.

In the first scene, Astrid is brought into the interrogation room and searched for her personal belongings, as well as checking her pockets for illegal stuff. Astrid behaves extremely cocky and the guards try to ignore her behavior because they understand that she is a teen.
But even for the nastiest and most unruly teenager, there are rules, such as a ban on wearing belly button piercings on the territory of a correctional institution. The guard asks Astrid to remove the navel piercing but Astrid flatly refuses to do so. This precedent becomes the last straw and the guards decide to apply disciplinary measures to her, they grab her and drag her to the punishment room.

In the second scene, they kneel Astrid on the bed and tie her hands up over her head and tape her mouth over. When the captive is fixed, they begin to tickle her stomach and fiddle her navel piercing.
After her hands are untied, they put her on the back and tie her legs and arms to bedframes. Astrid is fully stretched along the bed, and the guards continue to tickle, rub and spank her belly and navel.

In the third scene, Astrid finds herself in an extremely uncomfortable position across the table, her back strongly arched back, her belly is fully stretched and helpless because her hands are tied to her legs under the table. The mouth is still taped with grey tape.
Her belly and navel are tormented again. The guards smear her stomach with oil, rub and poke it with fingers and wooden sticks.

In the fourth scene, Astrid is tightly hogtied. A huge ball gag is inserted into her mouth, her bare feet are tickled for a while and then they left her alone. Hogtied Astrid struggles and thinks about his bad behavior.

Astrid is open to custom requests. Feel free to drop us a mail!

Liberty's Halloween Punishment

Liberty's Halloween Punishment
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Liberty was on her trick or treat run for Halloween but it seems like she knocks at the wrong door! I would say that if you forgot to buy candies, you are in big trouble with this girl! She wants this loser to remember this night as his worst night ever! She makes him sit down on the stairs to lick the bottom of her shoes!

She walked all night long so she wants him to taste that dirt! Liberty also takes her shoes off to cover his face with her sweaty feet in fishnets! She wants him to sniff and lick them before she takes those off to smother his face with her smelly bare feet! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles and suck on her toes as a devoted loser slave! Happy Halloween Folks!

NOTE: This clip was shot in a public place at night with no lightning effects, so the standard is a bit lower than what we usually do. The camera was in the night vision mode and it sucks a bit. I will not take any complain from this clip. You buy it at your own risk! Just say.

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