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Explosions of Hysterical Laughters With Alexa & Gwenola

Explosions of Hysterical Laughters With Alexa & Gwenola
By : Frenchtickling

The crazily ticklish Alexa & Gwenola are back for a fun tickling session in two nice situations.
The first part is a great tickle chain!
Gwenola has to tickle Alexa's sides and underarms while she's tickled at the same time by the FT Tickler.
This is extremly difficult for Gwenola to be tickler and ticklee at the same time but she does it and this is fantastic.
Both girls are hysterical and this is an explosion of crazy laughters.

For the second part of the clip each girl is successively tickled on her sides and underarms by the guy till they lose control of themselves.
These girls are so sexy and so ticklish that we could tickle them all the day but they're so hysterical that it would be
very hard for them!
Another upperbody punishment with two ULTRA ticklish cuties.

Tickling Martyna body on the table

Tickling Martyna body on the table
By : PolishTickling

Tickling the body of the beautiful dancer Martyna

Endless pleasure for tightly tied and gagged bondage slut Dreadlock Jane

Endless pleasure for tightly tied and gagged bondage slut Dreadlock Jane
By : RFstudio

By John

Dreadlock Jane is a representative of "SuicideGirls" subculture. She has tattoos and piercings all over her body. She is used to pain and sometimes feels like missing for another portion of suffering, as well as unexpected actions and pleasant pain.
She knew why she had come to us, she wanted real sensations, she wanted to be caught like birdy in the den of a dangerous snake, she wanted to be unable to move, speak, and to be thrown into the well of her orgasms.

Okay, babe, you will get what you want so badly, but first take off your wet panties, I will put them into your mouth and press them tightly with tape and wrap it around your head. After that I will tie you with ropes, real tight, put you on a chair, I will deprive you of the ability to move and speak and place a powerful Magic Wand between your legs, whose vibration power is enough to cause an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean.
After the fixation is ready, I will turn on the most powerful vibration mode and step aside to give you the opportunity to cum properly, while enjoying your sweet moans along the way. I will love the way you roll your eyes in pleasure and hum through your tightly gagged mouth.

When I enjoy your sweet misery on the chair, I will lay you down on the floor and connect your bound toes to your bound elbows. And of course, I'll leave the vibrator in place.
You will once again find yourself a tightly bound and defenseless girl who will orgasm as much as I see fit. You will remember this action for a long time.
After that, I will slowly begin to untie you, take out the wet panties from your mouth and I will definitely ask if this is what you wanted when you come to visit me.

A Man's Touch: Sara!

A Man's Touch: Sara!
By : Nino's Tickling

Sara's turn for a very intense foot tickling with Alex!

Daisy's Financial Domination

Daisy's Financial Domination
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Daisy is coming back from a long day shopping so she thought it would be just the perfect time for a foot worship session! She knows her slave is already addicted to her feet so that's why she takes advantage and ask for extra money! My feet are really sweaty in my boots actually so you'll have to pay me a hundred dollar if you wanna smell them! Her slave can't resist to this offer so he just gives her the bills and take her boots off! Her feet were so fuckin' smelly!

All day long in her boots without socks! That was sick! she rubs her feet all over his face with a smile while counting her twenty dollar bills! I bet you'd love to taste my juicy sweat from my soles with your tongue right? She wants an extra hundred bucks for this! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles and let him wipe her tongue in between each of her toes! That was a hot and expensive foot worship session!

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