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Mathy’s Upperbody Torments on the Bench

Mathy’s Upperbody Torments on the Bench
By : Frenchtickling

Mathy is strongly immobilized on the bench with her upperbody ready to endure a merciless punishment.
This incredible model loves to be tickled to her limits so we really show her no mercy each time we have fun
with her extremely ticklish and sexy body.

As usual the tickler is sadistic and he does his best to get the maximum laughter.
His fingers run all long her underarms, sides, neck and belly.
It really tickles too much and Mathy explodes at each touch on her soft skin but this is exactly what she expects.

Wow the real fetish girl is back for the last time and she endures here her ultimate punishment!

Long foot tickling for fully PVC mummified Home girl

Long foot tickling for fully PVC mummified Home girl
By : RFstudio

40 minutes of foot tickling! This long clip is all about foot tickling of tightly PVC wrapped Home girl.

Part 1. The cutie lies on a bench on her belly with a big ballgag in her mouth. Her toes are tied and I tickle her soles with various devices like a hairbrush, toothbrushes, a feather, and my hands. Home girl squeals and I enjoy her reaction.

Part 2. She lies on her back (the bench is incline now). I continue tickling her feet but also I use Magic Wand as a tickling device and Home girl reacts very unusual on that. She starts moaning as if her feet are her erogenous zone! I love that.
Then I attach two toothbrushes to the vibrator and tickle her feet and toes with this brand-new device. That was also fun.

Molly's Feet in Your Face

Molly's Feet in Your Face
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Molly is another hot girl who needs a lot of attention and especially after a long day with her boots on! Her feet and her socks become really sweaty so they need a special treat! She makes you bow down on your knees to take her boots off and take care of her feet! She loves to feel your nose on her socks while she's watching TV! Don't be shy! Take a deep breath and sniff my socks!

Molly likes to make fun at you so she also takes her socks off to cover your face with her smelly barefeet! She wants you to smell them and stick your tongue out to lick the bottom of her soles! Don't forget to suck all the dirt in between each of her toes! Princesses like Molly deserve royal treatment!

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