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A Man's Touch: Nino!

A Man's Touch: Nino!
By : Nino's Tickling

I discover that a man's touch can be much more ticklish on the soles of my very sensitive feet!

Veronique Asked Us for More Tickle Fun With Stephy : Part 01

Veronique Asked Us for More Tickle Fun With Stephy : Part 01
By : Frenchtickling

A few time ago Veronique asked us for the return of the ultra ticklish Stephy.
She said she have had a lot of fun with her but not enough and she really wanted a special session where she could drive her
more than insane.
What a great idea so we asked Stephy if she would be agree to be pushed to her ticklish limits by Veronique and
she answered us that she would love it.

We really think that when a girl want to tickle another girl who wants to be tickled too this is just tickle heaven in our studio
so we strongly immobilized Stephy on the table for the punishment of her life.
Stephy is wrapped with her upperbody and her deathly ticklish feet helpless and vulnerable to Veronique's sadistic tickles.
Veronique loves to tickle Stephy and she gets all her ticklish spots to hysteria.

She tickles her sides, belly, underarms, neck, arms and her insanely ticklish feet till she loses all control of herself.
Stephy's fans know how she is crazily ticklish but here she's really can't move at all and it makes her more hysterical than usual.
This clip is a very intensive F/F tickle with an American student tickled to hell by our sexy & Sadistical Veronique.

Cassandre's Audition

Cassandre's Audition
By : Lovely Laugh Tickling

Here we have a new model : Cassandre !

She is a 22 Year old dancer that is very cute and charming. We start with her interview in English, and then she gets in the iconic feet up position.
She will endure a long tickle session, be warned : she moves a lot as she is very ticklish !

Cherry on the cake : In the end, there is a post interview where she will tell you how she felt about this first session :)

Ivanka - Upper body tickling in red lingerie

Ivanka - Upper body tickling in red lingerie
By : RFstudio

By John

Meet a new model - Ivanka. She's 24 years old, a very cute and sweet blonde girl who is interested in bondage and other fetishes. Her open-mindedness inspires us to film a few interesting clips during our first meeting and here's the second one.

In this clip, cutie Ivanka wears sexy red underwear and tries the effect of tickling on her upper body for the first time. She is tied by her arms and legs on a massage table.
I tickle her delicate armpits, ribs, tummy, and navel. Ivanka reacts vividly to tickling because she is so sensitive and ticklish...

Despina's First Experience

Despina's First Experience
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Despina is working as a barmaid not so far and she was really curious about our foot fetish studio! She told us that she could never do it because her feet stink too much after a shift as a barmaid! I did kind of a crazy bet with her...I told her that she could use the same socks for three days to work then our slave will have to survive twenty minutes with her socks in his face! If not? I'll give you 100$ tip on my next visit!

She was so excited about that bet! Even if I'm working double-shift? Despina just can't wait to take her boots off then cover his face with her sweaty socks! They were so gross and smelly! Are you sure you will survive down there? She rubs them all over his face while chating with her friends on the computer! She also makes him lick the dirty bottom right after sweating eleven hours in her boots! Her smile of satisfaction is just priceless! (French Language)

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