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Lesbian sisters Atlanta and Gera are blindfolded and lick boobs and get tickled at this time

Lesbian sisters Atlanta and Gera are blindfolded and lick boobs and get tickled at this time
By : RFstudio

The two sisters appear before their master. He blindfolds both girls' eyes, ties their hands, and puts the first step-sister Atlanta, in the middle of the room. The second sister Gera has to kiss her step-sister's breasts in the same position, but she doesn't know who it really is.
While Gera licks her breasts, he tickles her sexy feet and sides.
After that, the girls change their position and now Atlanta lies on the table and moans with pleasure. And Gera is kissing her breasts standing.
At the very end, he removes the blindfolds and ropes from the girls
Now Gera is on top of her step-sister and they kiss each other's breasts. During this time, he slightly tickles both sisters.

Worship Your Goddess Feet

Worship Your Goddess Feet
By : Princessenola

This time, I will  REWARD my slave .  I can have nice sometimes...haha
So I gave him my feet as a gift. I put him on the ground and I sit on the his face was under my feet. I was first using some cute flats! He LICKED the SOLES and put them on his face for a while. Then, I ordered him to take them off so he could TASTE MY GORGEOUS FEET.

For about 20 minutes he licked my entire soles and heels...later I put my toes inside his mouth so he'd SUCK them one by one while I relaxed in the sofa.

Of course...always on the floor UNDER MY FEET, so he never forgets that's where he belongs... 

Carol Ann's Brat Attitude

Carol Ann's Brat Attitude
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

OMG! Carol Ann sometimes does private sessions as a Cam Girl so she perfectly knows how to tease all the boys around! She knows how to make you hard under a minute just with her seductive smile! That was a very long day with her boots on so she sits on her slave's crotch to test the power of her feet! She wants to use his cock as a Sweat-O-Meter! Carol Ann takes her boots off now then completely cover his face with her very dirty socks!

They were really hot and sweaty so she makes him sniff them hard and lick the bottom! Her smile tells that the Sweat-o-Meter is already in action! Carol Ann also takes her socks off to smother his face with her smelly barefeet! -I luv the fresh air from your nose under my feet! She asks for a foot massage and makes him smell and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also wants to feel his wet tongue right in between each of her toes!

Flavia Endures the Punishment on the Device : Bare Feet Tickling

Flavia Endures the Punishment on the Device : Bare Feet Tickling
By : Frenchtickling

The Tickler is now ready to attack Flavia's helpless feet. He begins to tickle her sensitive legs at the beginning of the clip then you'll enjoy 3 minutes of a nice close up on her feet tickled with a pink feather. She's tickled with her shoes on and with her shoes off. Flavia's feet are very sensitive and she has great reactions as the feathers or fingers run on her soft soles and toes.

The clip has the best camera angles for a perfect enjoyment of the tickle action focused on her feet tickled and her reactions. Flavia has perfect feet with very very high and ticklish arches and you'll probably never forget her extremities.

Katrina got into a trouble - Chair tie and tight tape gag with a sponge

Katrina got into a trouble - Chair tie and tight tape gag with a sponge
By : RFstudio

By John. Made by request

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Customer's testimonial:
"The clip is perfect! 10/10. Love your work, you got every detail right.
Thanks for getting that through so quickly."

We wanted to make the clip with a cinematic picture. DID atmosphere...
Katrina is a secretary, who was captured and brought to a dark place, and tied to a chair with lots of white ropes.

She wears a white buttoned-up blouse, her skirt was removed so she's in her grey pantyhose and black panties under them. There're strap heels on her feet.

She's scared and cannot move, her elbows are tightly tied behind her back and she is also connected to the chair. Masked man appears and makes Katrina open her mouth. He fills her cheeks with a big sponge and then tightly wraps a grey PVC tape over her mouth and head. The sponge now is deeply in her mouth and she can only moo through her wide open gagged mouth.

Then he leaves her alone and Katrina struggles until the end of the clip. Her big eyes show all the emotional ratio we expect from such a bound and gagged damsel. Enjoy!

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