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The Beautiful Charleen Experiments Foot Tickling in Pantyhose

The Beautiful Charleen Experiments Foot Tickling in Pantyhose
By : Frenchtickling

The charming 20 years old Charleen is back for her first tickling experience in pantyhose.
She strongly immobilized face down on a table with her nyloned feet and legs at the mercy of two sadistical guys who know
exactly how to have fun with her very ticklish extremities.

Charleen's feet are so ticklish and her reactions are so delicious that she's really a tickle angel.
At the beginning of the clip the tickler removes her sexy ballerinas and makes some tickle tests with fingers and differents tools
then the guys attack her feet seriously to get the best reactions as possible.
This is another new sexy ticklish model who discovered with us how tickling could be fun and very exciting especially

I get turned on Zhenya's shaking tits - Biting and tickling her belly and armpits

I get turned on Zhenya's shaking tits - Biting and tickling her belly and armpits
By : RFstudio

Zhenya is topless as usual, wearing only panties. Today she looks especially nice, she has bright but strict makeup. I'm going to tickle and torment her tummy and upper body. Her shaking boobs turn me on very much and I love to tickle and watch on her. I tickle her armpits and tummy, and then grab a vibrator and tickle her body with it.

Then I take a paddle and slap her belly for a while. I knead her stomach and squeeze it. Then I take Wartenberg's pinwheel and run it over her body and boobs. Then I tickle her with a feather under her breasts.

I take ice tongs and unclench her navel. Then I strongly and sharply tickle Zhenya's body again. Then I take an electric toothbrush and tickle her whole body with it. Taking a close-up of her belly, I take a metal hook and plunge it into Zhenya's navel.

I squeeze her belly and then nibble her sides and under her breasts. Zhenya laughs and tries to get away from me but I always catch her. In the end, I tickle her sides again, watching her shaking tits.

Tickling feet Sara

Tickling feet Sara
By : PolishTickling

It's like the last clip from Sarah's first session. Sarah sits on the couch and writes on the phone while I tickle her sensitive feet. She giggles and tries to get her beautiful feet away. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Arched bondaged Lana- what a date!

Arched bondaged Lana- what a date!
By : Yuno

Lana is a sexy girl and she is supposed to meet for real for the first time a girl (you) that she recently met on a dating website. Lana is arriving at the girl’s home, wearing a sexy mini dress, sexy bra, garter, panty, shiny glossy skin and dark shoes. Also, she has lovely red nail polish on hands and feet. She has got her hair pulled behind and ponytailed high.

Yuno lets Lana in and pleases her to take her ease, she brings a glass of drink to her. She gets closer and closer to Lana, showing her that she is very attracted by her, and Lana is happy with that. Then the girl brings a bunch of rope and shows it to Lana. Lana looks quite surprised and asks what's that for. After the girl explained a bit Lana accepts to try some bondage game. But she doesn't know that the girl has evil plans for her (she will find out very soon).

Cassandra Needs Attention

Cassandra Needs Attention
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Cassandra knows how easy it is to make this loser do whatever she wants after all those years! He is like her personal puppet! That was a long day with her shoes on and her feet hurts really bad so she makes him bow down at her feet to give them some attention! She makes him take her shoes off then begins to rub her smelly feet all over his face!

She knows he'll take care of them that way! So easy! Cassandra asks for a foot massage while relaxing and listening to some music on her iPod! Thanx God! There's nothing like a good foot massage after a full day with those shoes! They hurt me so bad! She also uses his mouth as a bath to rest her toes and his tongue to refresh the bottom of her sweaty soles!

She also likes to put her foot really deep into his mouth just to see how far he can take it! There is only one like you! We love you Cassandra!

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