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Colibri is completely and tightly wrapped in duct tape

Colibri is completely and tightly wrapped in duct tape
By : RFstudio

By request.
In this clip, Colibri is completely wrapped in a tape. This took us about 90 meters of the tape!
It is very similar to mummification. She has her arms wrapped behind her back. Then she's been wrapped from shoulders to thighs. Then we taped each ankle to thigh tight as possible. Then we brought her legs together and tape together.
The clip starts when she's lying on the table, already tied and gagged. At first, she struggles while she's wearing socks. Later I return to remove socks and tie toes together and attached to the ball gag lifting her head back a little. I left her for some struggling again.

Then I return and tape feet and ankles, leaving toes out. Then she struggles till the end of the clip.
Colibri moans through the gag. You will see close-ups of her face, her feet, her palms.
From the outside, it looks just stunning.
This is the tightest tape bondage we've ever made! Enjoy

Angela's Absolute Control

Angela's Absolute Control
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Angela is a really high maintenance woman and she loves to take advantage of this loser at her feet! She knows how bad he would do anything just to please her or serve at her feet! That was a very long day with her shoes on so she sits on her slave for an absolute control over him then take her shoes off to completely cover his face with her sweaty nyloned feet!

They were so warm and smelly! I want you to smell them! Angela needs to make a very important call so to cover his face with her feet is the best thing to do to make sure we won't talk! It seems like it works! She make sure to keep him busy with his tongue so he must lick the bottom of her smelly nyloned feet! Angela is now in a perfect position to deal with her friends on the phone with no disturbance! Hot Clip Alert!

Very Ticklish Justyna is Back Part 2

Very Ticklish Justyna is Back Part 2
By : PolishTickling

Justyna is immobilized on a mattress and in this video I decided to focus on her very sensitive feet. I start by gently tickling her toes with a modeling brush. Justyna flexes her fingers and giggles.

Then I start to tickle her feet with my toes and spur and she can't take it. If you love Justyna then you must see this clip.

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