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Troubles in Middle Earth : Part 2

Troubles in Middle Earth : Part 2
By : Lovely Laugh Tickling

Elvish Mary's torment continues !

She is now in the Stocks and the cat people know exactly how to get the informations they need out of her .. Will she give up ?

Leya in complete PVC mummification with big ballgag receives foot tickling and bastinado

Leya in complete PVC mummification with big ballgag receives foot tickling and bastinado
By : RFstudio

By John. Made by request

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Leya will be very hot today.
She is wrapped in very dense black PVC tape from the ankles to the neck. To make the fixation uncompromising, we additionally secured mummified Leya with wide leather straps to a bench in a sitting position.

Her big toes are tied with a thin string. Oh yeah, cutie Leya has a big red ballgag in her mouth, she can only mumble and drool through it. Gosh, how wonderful it is to see such a sweet and beautiful girl in such reliable and tight bondage!

But her adventures don't end there, because I am going to tickle her tender bare feet with combs and my hands. And also alternate tickling with bastinado - blows with a bamboo stick on her soles. Leya will experience a full range of sensations on her soles, from intense tickling to burning pain.
Enjoy ;-)

Intense Nylons Tickling Action

Intense Nylons Tickling Action
By : Alessandra Foot and Tickling Fetish Videos

This time alessandra doesn’t escape, she is tied like a blanket on her feet with nylon socks outside. The tickler will tickle kiss, suck and bite alessandra’s soles

Alexx Experiments Tickling in Pantyhose

Alexx Experiments Tickling in Pantyhose
By : Frenchtickling

Alexx experiments for the first time the sensation of being tickled in pantyhose.
She has very sensitive feet and it seems that nylons increase even more her ticklishness especially with the hairbrushes.
The Tickler is particulary sadistic with her extra ticklish feet but neck tickle lovers will be amazed by the special long tickling in this way during the last part of the clip.

The guy explores her most sensitive spots and he does his best to get the maximum laughter from his helpless ticklee.
This is a very fun tickling session with a girl who is perfectly ticklish on every inch of her body.

Summer's Feet in Your Face

Summer's Feet in Your Face
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Damn! I just can't believe it! Let me introduce you here this 18 y.o. Brat Summer! She is for sure one of the hottest chix on our site! That was a long day with her boots on and she knows how bad you want her to take them off! Summer teases you with her boots on before she takes them off to cover your face with her sweaty white socks! They are actually very smelly but she wants you to bown down and rub your nose in her feet! She could feel that you're going crazy with her feet in your face so she makes you lick her dirty socks before she takes them off to completely smother your face with her sweaty barefeet!

How do you feel now with my 18 y.o. feet in your face? Summer just takes advantage of your fetish and asks you to lick the bottom of her soles to give them a refresh! She also wants to know what it's like to have you suck on her toes as a devoted slave! Are you ready to serve this cutie? Warning: Summer creates a strong addiction! Hot Feet Alert! (French Language)

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