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Nasty girl - You will be submissive bitch, Natasha

Nasty girl - You will be submissive bitch, Natasha
By : RFstudio

Natasha finally took off the mask!
It is a long clip in which I torment this sweet girl. In this clip there are several practices: bondage, bastinado, tickling and foot fetish.
The video begins with how I pulled Natasha into the room. This girl is very naughty. Now she's handcuffed and gagged. I leave her alone for a while. Then I come back, remove the gag from her mouth and wrapped her mouth again but with an elastic bandage and then tape over the bandage. She moans very cute when I roll up her mouth.

Then I bind her legs at the ankles and above, then I remove the cuffs and tie her hands with tape. Then I strapped her arms to the body with tape. I love to do it! Then I leave her for some struggling and what do you think? That bitch managed to pull down the gag and she immediately started to try to scream. I walk up to her and tape her mouth again. After I bring a rack and put her feet on it. I want to spank her pretty feet. First I take a whip, then a bamboo cane. Natasha growls and moans through her gag when I hit her tender feet.

Then I take the scissors and cut the tape, and then tell her to put a bench to the right place. Natasha makes it and sits on it. I begin to tie her legs at the ankles and knees. Now her legs are tight to the bench. Then I give her the handcuffs and command her to cuff herself behind the back and she obediently does it. After that, I put a gag into her mouth. Then tie the big toes together and start tickling her feet with a comb. I tickle her with a very strong pressing and Natasha suffers and it hurts her. Then I begin to tickle her with light touches. Here is Natasha becomes very ticklish. But through the gag I can hear only her mooing. Then I tickle her upper body a little with my hands and a blue massage brush. I drive it gently ober her tits and Natasha twitches from the tickling.

Then I take a whipping device which consists of three rods. Bastinado punishment begins. I beat her soles, and she jerks and grunts through the gag. After that I removed the gag and order her to count the blows out loud and she patiently suffers and counts 30 strong hits.
Then I notice that she starts to tire and becomes much more submissive than before the punishment. I untie her legs from the bench. Her hands are still in handcuffs. I come closer to her and squeeze her a little. She became excited at this moment. Next I removed the handcuffs and tie her hands behind the back with a rope, and then put her on the bench down on the belly and hogtied her. Leave her alone for some time. Then I approach her and begin tickling her feet, and then put my hand between her buttocks and tickled her there. Natasha is very ticklish between her buttocks. After tickling her I leave her alone, but she starts to escape from bondage without my permission. I walk up to her and tie her again. I decide to punish her with bastinado. I order her to count the blows out loud. Again, the 30 strong strokes and Natasha dutifully agrees. Then I leave her alone for some time and then untie her and make her promise me that henceforth she will be submissive and affectionate bitch. I wrap the rope around her neck and bring her out. Natasha crawls over me on all fours like a ...

The approximate ratio of the fetish practices in the clip:
OTHER - 10%

Claudia's first time - part 2

Claudia's first time - part 2
By : Solletico Tickling

In this part the ticklish italian bodybuilder Claudia is still tied up to the chair and is tickled mainly on her thighs and behind her knees: she is very surprised about being ticklish behind the knees!

Her comments about that are so fun! Her ribs and hips are tickled too. Does someone want to know if she is ticklish under the feet? You can find out at the end of the clip!

Tickling Domina Charlotte body part 1

Tickling Domina Charlotte body part 1
By : PolishTickling

Charlotte is a professional domina who has agreed to tickle sessions. This time she is submissive. She is tied up on the table and I start to tickle her armpits.

Charlotte chuckles but after a while she can't stand it and starts laughing. Her feet are the most sensitive. If you love tickled dominoes you must see this clip

Ilona is Wrapped

Ilona is Wrapped
By : Lovely Laugh Tickling

Ilona is back ! After her very nice session on the bed, she is now wrapped to have both her feet and upperbody tickled without mercy.
She can't endure very long sessions, but we made sure to push her above her limits, she kept begging, the tickler kept tickling !

The Dancer Maelina Has Horribly Ticklish Soles

The Dancer Maelina Has Horribly Ticklish Soles
By : Frenchtickling

This is now time for a special bare soles tickle with the hysterical dancer.
Maelina is just horribly ticklish all over and her feet are absolutely wonderful to tickle.
The tickler experiments fingers, brushes, gloves etc.. on her extra ticklish soles until she loses control.

This is really too much for the dancer and she explodes in laughter with crazy reactions and this is so good to watch.
Maelina is really one our most ticklish model and this great session is exactly what you're looking for.
If you have a special fantasy with a sexy dancer who has insanely ticklish feet we can say without a doubt that Maelina is for you.

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