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Trap for the second agent - Kristy and Roksana are tied up trying to escape from tape bondage

Trap for the second agent - Kristy and Roksana are tied up trying to escape from tape bondage
By : RFstudio

Kristy and Roksana are agents investigating the area. They are dressed in black and sneak down the hallway. They decide to split up and Roksana goes forward. Here a bandit grabs her and tells her to be silent. He ties her hands behind her back with a cable tie and pushes her on the floor. He gags Roksana with three pieces of tape. He is pleased with his prey and plays with the girl, ruffles her hair, and discusses the capture of the second victim, who will soon fall into his trap. He orders Roksana to shout and call for help strongly so that Kristy can hear her partner and hurry to her.
He catches Kristy and orders her to sit next to Roksana and ties her hands with a zip-tie. He also gags her mouth with tape.
He enjoyed the sight of two beautiful bound girls, and then lifts up their dresses, exposing their adorable asses.

He leaves the agents alone. Kristy and Roksana try to free each other, but they don't succeed. Finally, Roksana freed her friend and Kristy helps in return. But they don't know where to run. Then the bandit threatens them again and the girls obey and take off their outerwear, following his order. He tells the girls to raise their hands and starts tickling their armpits. The girls are tormented and it was a great pleasure for the bandit. Now he orders them to follow forward into another room.

Here he gives them new clothes, namely boots he liked and crop tops. Then he again ties the girls' hands with zip-ties, gags their mouths with several pieces of tape, and ties their legs with silver tape. He starts groping the girls and then gives them time to struggling again.
Kristy and Roksana freed themselves but were captured again. The bandit orders the girls to tie each other with tape. He then puts each of them on the floor and ties their arms and legs tightly with tape. The girls lie and moo through their gags, but in the end, they still manage to get out...

Maid Initiation: Foot and nipples tickling and licking

Maid Initiation: Foot and nipples tickling and licking
By : Yuno

Ann is tied up and the 2 maids tickle her for a raise. Stacy explain Patty that this is what they do every few months, and Ann likes it; which makes Ann to protest immediately, while Stacy start showing Patty the secret sensitive spots where to tickle Ann's feet. They both play with Ann's feet, using their tongue and fingers, making Ann to laugh and beg, while they ask her few times about a raise and few weeks of paid vacation; and Ann refuses. So They move on the upper body and Stacy introduce Patty to the electric toothbrush; showing her how it feels first on her nipples, then she show her how to use it on Ann's nipples, alternating between the tongue and the electric toothbrush; while Patty tickle Ann's sides and underarms.

Then Patty start tickling Ann's nipples and armpits, while Stacy tickle the other nipple and underarms. Stacy then tell Patty that Ann is quite horny since she tickled both of them. Stacy asks Ann again about the raise and the paid vacation; Ann agree to the vacation but not to the raise; so Patty suggest that she should go back to Ann's feet, since she likes to tickle her there and she is very sensitive there; while Stacy start to tease Ann on her panty line and then she moves to the panties and tickle her pussy, while she tease Ann verbally and while licking and tickling her nipples. Ann at this point start to go crazy by the dual tickling and the stimulation on her pussy and start begging, telling them that she will give them anything they want.

They continue for a bit making Ann laugh and beg; Stacy tell Patty that she is doing a great job, and that it will be more fun to tickle after a person has an orgasm; Patty reply that she loves her new job, and would love to try the toothbrush too.

The Redhead Beauty Is Back and She Loses Control on the Table

The Redhead Beauty Is Back and She Loses Control on the Table
By : Frenchtickling

The ticklers attack now Hortense's horribly ticklish bare feet. Hortense loses control of herself at each touch on her milky soles and toes then the sadistical ticklers explore every ways with every techniques to get the most crazy reactions. The poor girl is strongly immobilized on the table and the tickling is merciless then you can imagine the level of what she endures. Mannon loves to tickle girls and she really has so much fun with hortense's hysterical laughter. What a perfect situation with an EXTREMELY TICKLISH redhead beauty pushed out of her limits one more time.

THE SUPER TICKLISH ANGEL IS BACK! The beautiful redhead model Hortense is ready for a new tickling experience and she's strongly immobilized on the table for a new ultimate punishment with the sexy Mannon as tickler. This girl is a dream come true because she is as beautiful as she's ticklish on every inch of her body and she absolutely loves to be mercilessly tickled. She 's tickled here by the great Mannon and by the tickler. The session begins with a merciless upperbody tickling and every underarms and belly button tickling lovers will be delighted one more time because her laughter is a music to our ears. Hortense loses all control of herself and more she explodes in laughter more Mannon increases the tickling. A nice new INTENSIVE tickling punishment with one of our best model ever!

Tickling 18 years old Diana Spark - * The Tickle Spark ! *

Tickling 18 years old Diana Spark - * The Tickle Spark ! *
By : lsproductions

Do you remember your first time ?

the first time you ever got tickled / tickled someone ?

for most people, tickling isn't "something" they know its there,

they know what it is.... but they never pay attention to it....

i have noticed that in some cases, some people, got this "Spark" in their eyes,

when they get tickled for the very first time....

and luckily for all of us, we got such case with this amazing girl.

Diana Spark was never tickled before (not in this format anyway)

so we got her tied up, with all of her ticklish spots widely open, and told Adeline to show her what we all about.

her innocent smile, and helpless look while being tickled silly is just priceless.


Fanny's Private Session - Extended Version

Fanny's Private Session - Extended Version
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

This Hot and Bratty Fanny did a crazy bet with this loser slave and it seems like he can't win anything! The bet was about if she would be welling to wear the same pair of socks for ten days in a row! Let's make a deal! I'll do it but you'll have to breathe and suffer in my socks for minimum an hour! I would laugh so much about you! What about I'm watching a movie on a laptop then you take care of my feet for the lenght of the entire movie? Fair bet? Done deal! Fanny remembers the deal to her slave with proud ten days later then asks him to take off her sneakers!

The smell of her socks was so intense! Very hot and smelly! It seems like Fanny's feet sweats a lot! Let me watch my movie now and enjoy my stinky feet all over your loser face! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, lick the dirty bottom and suck on the toes part! Some hot POV action in her shoes! Fanny is feet size ten! The perfect size to cover his entire face! Stinky Socks Clip Alert! (French Language)

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