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Tickling Domina Charlotte body part 2

Tickling Domina Charlotte body part 2
By : PolishTickling

Second Domina Tickle Clip : Charlotte Charlotte is tied up in a bikini.

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Big bastinado challenge with 5 girls and 50 blows - Part 2 - Klavdia and Kristy

Big bastinado challenge with 5 girls and 50 blows - Part 2 - Klavdia and Kristy
By : RFstudio

Kristy and Roksana are agents investigating the area. They are dressed in black and sneak down the hallway. They decide to split up and Roksana goes forward. Here a bandit grabs her and tells her to be silent. He ties her hands behind her back with a cable tie and pushes her on the floor. He gags Roksana with three pieces of tape. He is pleased with his prey and plays with the girl, ruffles her hair, and discusses the capture of the second victim, who will soon fall into his trap. He orders Roksana to shout and call for help strongly so that Kristy can hear her partner and hurry to her.
He catches Kristy and orders her to sit next to Roksana and ties her hands with a zip-tie. He also gags her mouth with tape.
He enjoyed the sight of two beautiful bound girls, and then lifts up their dresses, exposing their adorable asses.

He leaves the agents alone. Kristy and Roksana try to free each other, but they don't succeed. Finally, Roksana freed her friend and Kristy helps in return. But they don't know where to run. Then the bandit threatens them again and the girls obey and take off their outerwear, following his order. He tells the girls to raise their hands and starts tickling their armpits. The girls are tormented and it was a great pleasure for the bandit. Now he orders them to follow forward into another room.

Here he gives them new clothes, namely boots he liked and crop tops. Then he again ties the girls' hands with zip-ties, gags their mouths with several pieces of tape, and ties their legs with silver tape. He starts groping the girls and then gives them time to struggling again.
Kristy and Roksana freed themselves but were captured again. The bandit orders the girls to tie each other with tape. He then puts each of them on the floor and ties their arms and legs tightly with tape. The girls lie and moo through their gags, but in the end, they still manage to get out...

The Exotic Talia Is Pushed to Her Ticklish Limits - Upperbody Tickling

The Exotic Talia Is Pushed to Her Ticklish Limits - Upperbody Tickling
By : Frenchtickling

Penelope and the Tickler attack now Talia's ticklish upperboy. It it very easy to get explosive reactions because every touch on her sides or underarms drive her crazy. First the Tickler gets the girl then Talia is tickled by four hands at the same time and for the last part she's mercilessly tickled by the sadistical Penelope.

Talia stays horribly ticklish throughout the whole session. That's amazing! Well, it's time to watch her suffer and laugh and to see the laughter in her eyes as she suffers the tickling!

Erica's Devoted Slave

Erica's Devoted Slave
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Erica needs a lot of attention to her precious feet so she likes to train her slave to serve and especially after a long day sweating in her shoes! She knows how bad he would do anything just to take a breathe in her smelly pantyhosed feet so she makes him lick and clean the dirty bottom of her shoes with his tongue to start! Make sure they are perfectly cleaned!

Erica also commands him to take her shoes off then completely cover his nose and his mouth with her sweaty nyloned feet! All wet and moisty from her shoes! This is your place! Under my feet! Can you smell them now? She also really enjoy to see him suffer so she makes him stick his tongue out to taste and lick that juicy sweat from her feet!

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