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Romy is tied up to her bed, and tickled on all her sensitive body

Romy is tied up to her bed, and tickled on all her sensitive body
By : Romyfeet

[FRENCH TALKING] ENG - In this clip, Romy has her hands tied and her ankles tied together, and she is tickled on her thighs and upperbody by her roommate with hands, and her oiled feet with various tools : feather, brush, electric toothbrush and a comb... bad moment for this ticklish girl !

La pauvre Romy est attachée les bras écartés, les chevilles jointes, et est chatouillée sans merci par son colocataire sur les cuisses, côtes, aisselles et pieds longuement. Le garçon sadique adore utiliser des objets, et test la sensibilité de sa victime avec une plume, de l'huile, un peine, une brosse à cheveux ainsi que des brosses à dent électrique.

Olesya - Wild foot tickling in stocks by four hands with many devices

Olesya - Wild foot tickling in stocks by four hands with many devices
By : RFstudio

Now I understand when girls say that their ticklishness depends on their mood. As we have known Olesya, her ticklishness has always changed. So on the day of shooting this video, we were all very lucky, her feet were just incredibly sensitive!
We know there are many fans of her wonderful, little orange soles. Her feet are beautifully shaped and highly arched. And what turns me on personally is the combination of high sensitivity with rather rough skin on the sole, because Olesya likes to walk a lot barefoot and in heels.

Set-up: Olesya is securely and comfortably fixed in our stocks. Her arms are locked in the stocks over her head, and her feet are together and all of her toes are tied. Her soles simply have nowhere to go from the coming tickling!
We will tickle her together, each of us will take one of her feet. We use a wide variety of devices on her feet: hairbrushes, electric brushes, brushes, sharp objects. We also lubricate the blonde's feet with oil, which makes her feet even more sensitive.

To add some flavor, in the middle of the clip, we gag Olesya with our custom-made harness panel ballgag. And then the intense tickling continues!
Olesya has no choice but to mumble wildly through the gag.

Special Ticklish Weak Points With Abby & Katel

Special Ticklish Weak Points With Abby & Katel
By : Frenchtickling

Abby & Katel have particular ticklish weak points so we decided to make a video with them.
Katel is extremely ticklish on her sides and underarms and Abby can't stand to have her ultra sensitive soles tickled
so we did a special clip in this way.
Both girls are successively tied on the table and tickled exactly where they can't stand it.

First Katel is mercilessly upperbody tickled by Abby and the Tickler and after that Katel gets her revenge on Abby's
insanely ticklish feet with the help of the tickler too who show them the best techniques.
Both girls hate to be tickled and they really suffered each second of their tickle at the point that we really
don't think that they will return in the future.

Some girls love to be tickled and some others hate that because it is really too much for them, Abby & Katel
can't stand one second of tickle and this is exactly what we love.

Angela's Sweaty Nyloned Feet

Angela's Sweaty Nyloned Feet
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Angela is looking for a new slave so she wants to give you the opportunity to be one of them! She's a really high maintenance woman so she needs to test your ability! She wants you to bow down on your knees to lick and clean the filthy bottom of her shoes! This will be one of your daily tasks!

Angela also takes her shoes off to completely cover your face with her sweaty nyloned feet! That was a long day with her shoes on so she just makes fun of you and rub them all ver your face! She also wants you to stick your tongue out and lick the bottom of her soles! Are you ready to serve this Bratty Mistress?

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