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Elisara - Rope bondage and one leg upside-down suspension

Elisara - Rope bondage and one leg upside-down suspension
By : RFstudio

In this clip, two young barefoot beauties sit with their legs outstretched. You probably know one of them well - Kate Anima.

But let's get acquainted with the second girl - her name is Xena, she is 20 and she has lovely feet size 8. Xena is ticklish and has always wanted to try foot-worship. Just in time!

Madoka (yes, Madoka decided to freshen up her hair and shaved her head a couple of weeks ago) sits on her knees by their feet and licks them.

The girls' feet smell fragrant after a long walk, which makes Madoka very happy because she loves the smell of sweaty feet. Asian babe passionately worships the girls' feet, they look at it with pleasure and enjoy how wonderful it is.

Kellya’s Ebony Soles Can’t Stand Veronique’s Fingers

Kellya’s Ebony Soles Can’t Stand Veronique’s Fingers
By : Frenchtickling

The sexy Kellya is a 23 years old student who has her first tickling experience and who was curious to discovers our fantasy.
Unfortunately for her she met the sadistic Veronique who love super ticklish feet and she was not disappointed by Kellia's soles.
We really love black girls because they're always ultra ticklish and one more time Kellya confirms the rule.

Her cute soles are a delight because every touch on them makes her explode in laughter especially with some special tools
who drive her insane.
You'll really love her wild reactions and her hysterical laughter when it tickles out of her limits and out of she can control.
If you love insanely ticklish black girls with super sensitive soles you'll be in love with Kellya.

Liberty's Sweaty Feet Challenge - Extended Version

Liberty's Sweaty Feet Challenge - Extended Version
By : Dreamgirlsinsocks

Liberty is for sure one of the most cruel dream girl on our site and it shows again in this clip! She loves to verbally insult this pig and loves to treat him like a real devoted loser slave! She has been wearing those cute socks for over a week now and this loser slave will have to deal with her sweaty feet in his face for thirty minutes after another ten hours shift with those leather boots in her feet! If not? She makes the two hundred dollar bonus again! Liberty orders this loser to take her boots off then immediately covers his face with her sweaty white socks! She rubs them all over his face and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! She likes to watch him suffer at her feet!

Liberty also wants this loser slave to take her socks off with his teeth! She takes pleasure to push them into his mouth so he'll be able to wash her socks while sniffing her feet! She rubs her smelly naked feet all over his face again with a cruel smile of satisfaction! She knows he won't be able to deal with this thirty minutes with her feet in his face because her feet are just too sweaty! The icing on the cake comes when she makes him stick his tongue out to lick the juicy bottom of her soles! That was one of my favorite challenge with Liberty! She's so fucking dominant and her feet are just perfect! Another Super Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

Daniela tickled in stocks

Daniela tickled in stocks
By : federstreich

Our Dominatrix-friend Mariella told Daniela about Federstreich and that "tickling-business" we do and Daniela was really interested to take part in this and getting her feet tickled. She really enjoys it and get aroused by the tickling, you can hear her moaning. Even the hairbrush makes her a little bit horny. If you hear a little dog barking in the back, then it´´s the dog of our camerawoman Nina, who wanted to save Daniela from the tickling. If the little dog only knows, hof much fun we had. :) So enjoy Daniela from Vienna!

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