Do you want to make videos ?

You don’t want to create a studio ? No problem. We can buy your videos and sell them. 

How it works

There are some Guidelines you need to follow : 

Type of video

  • Tickling or
  • Foot Worship
  • For foot worship only F/F is accepted)
  • No nudity (topless maximum)


  • Model is without glasses and not overweight
  • Models need to be ticklish (if it is tickling)
  • Feet must be in a very good state
  • Model contracts need to be included


  • Good Lighting
  • Good Audio
  • Length is Minimum 10:00
  • MP4 Format – 1080P Minimum

How much you get

The exact price will be given upon pitch submission :  

Ready ?

Contact us to be produced by Genuine Tickling !
Opportunity !