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A difficult challenge for Leya – Tight PVC mummification and intensive foot tickling

In this video, Leya had to sweat properly, both literally and figuratively. Before I describe what is happening in the video, I want to say a few words about the cocoon in which Leya is wrapped. So, in the beginning, we wrapped her in several layers of a regular transparent film so that the PVC tape doesn’t stick to her skin, because otherwise removing the tape from the bare skin would be the worst day of her life. And so, two layers of regular tape and tight PVC tape over them.
Even this is enough to bring her crazy but we shoot this video to make this babe laugh and show the aesthetics of mummification at the same time.

In the first scene, the mummified Leya lies on her back, her eyes blindfolded with a red bandage. Her feet are open, her toes are tied and I tickle her feet with the help of various devices: with my hands, ordinary hairbrushes, and electric toothbrushes. In this scene, I poured her feet with a powder to add new sensations to her. Leya screeches laughing and swearing.
In the second scene, Leya lies on her stomach. This scene is shot by two cameras. The first camera takes her face, the second camera takes her feet. At the beginning of the scene, Leya gets a ballgag, which will be removed later to free her mouth for new squeals and curses. In this scene, unlike the first, I grease her feet with oil and also tickle her with the same set of devices. Leya gets tired and sweaty, but the tickling continues for her.

This challenge was difficult Leya, but she got through it well. It seems to me that she lost about 400 grams of weight during the shoot because when we freed her and ripped the cocoon, it was all wet and obviously heavier than before. Enjoy!

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