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Agent Emily – Breaking the tough Agent!

Definition - 1080P
Length - 23:21


CUSTOM VIDEO Sexy Agent Emily brake into an apartment to steal important documents from her enemy. Unfortunately, at the moment where she found the paper she was searching for, her rival knocks her out and she wakes up tied to a chair. She desperately tries to get out but couldn’t move! However, Agent Emily thinks she is a strong girl and can deal with these situations… She pretends to not speak English and replies only in Russian.

Agent Emily was trained to deal with these situations, but her enemy has an idea. “Emily, are your soles ticklish?” The strong agent instantly knows that her feet are a weak spot of her strong body, but still tries to stand tough. Will she survive the interrogation and act like a tough agent? The tickler takes off her sneakers and starts with slow tickling. Emily directly freezes…

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