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Alevtina and Bazhena – two tied sisters

They are so alike, two adorable babes. Alevtina invited her step-sister to take part in the shooting and she agreed.
In this video, Alevtina and Bazhena are bound in three poses. Alevtina tied with blue ropes, Bazhena with pink.
1st pose. Hogties. Barefoot babes are lying on the carpet, tied in hogties. Their mouths are wrapped with bandages around heads. Girls moan sweetly, moving their bodies.

2nd pose. Girls are sitting on the floor, their backs resting on the sofa. Their hands are tied behind their backs, elbows are attached to the body, bandages wrapped around their mouths. They moan and struggle. Soles to the camera.

3rd pose. The sisters tied backs to each other, not allowing each other to fall. Their hands are tied behind their backs, their mouths are wrapped with bandages. At some point, they fall on the side and continue to lie with their backs to each other. You can see their bare feet and toes flexing.

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