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Alevtina and Olesya - One of you have stolen what is ours - Tickle interrogation

Length – 23:05

The clip contains several scenes of tickling and outdoor capturing scene.

The intruders got an insider video from the secret office surveillance cameras, where you can see how a girl hacks the computer and downloads super-secret and very expensive information from there to the flash drive. The intruders tracked down this thief, who was able to outrun them, but she was not alone, but with a neighbor.

Because of the surveillance camera footage is of poor quality and it is difficult to determine which one of the two girls it was, so the intruders capture both girls in order to determine which one is the thief in their lair. They are going to get her flash drive with the stolen information.

Alevtina and Olesya find themselves tied up in chairs in the lair of gangsters. Everyone has one leg tied to the bench in front of them. In order not to leave any traces, the intruders come up with a clever way of interrogation – tickling.

Soon, one of the girls will have to confess to stealing super secret information, because she understands that because of her dark affairs, an innocent girlfriend suffers from nothing, and she has no other way out, the torture will not end until the intruders don’t get what they want…


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