Alla's Lick tickle with brisk tongue of Jenya's body and feet


Length – 20:43

Alla hasn’t tortured her girlfriend for a long time and now the time has come. Jenya lies only in panties on the mattress with a ballgag in her mouth, waiting for the sweet torture of her girlfriend.

Dominant Alla will tickle her victim using her brisk tongue. She begins with tickling by the hands and then uses her tongue on Jenya’s belly and sides. She also nibbles and tickles her nipples – which was very exciting.

Then she begins to tickle Jenya around the navel and she goes crazy. Jenya was both pleasant and ticklish – she was moaning and laughing. Alla lies bending her sexy legs so we can see her feet while she’s enjoying the torment of her girlfriend.
Then she sits on top of Jenya and begins to torment her with nails, and then again bites her sides.

In the end, Alla sits at Jenya’s feet and plays with tongue and bites her toes and of course with tickling them with her fingernails. Jenya’s feet are super sensitive and she laughs a lot. Enjoy!

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