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Alsu’s sexy belly tickling with feather, ice and oil

Alsu is very sexy today, as usual. She wears an only thong on her beautiful body.
The main focus will be on her belly and sides, as well as biting her body while her hands are fixed above her head.
I start running a feather over her sides and stomach and Alsu reacts very nice even on this soft tickling. Then I move ice cubes and it turns her on, she gets move sensitive and I tickle her with my hands.
Then you’ll see some tickling in POV.

After that, I add some massage oil on her bare breasts and belly and tickle her sides with my hands intensely, and also her belly and navel with a feather.
Next Alsu is in a spread eagle on a mattress and she’s very ticklish now. I bite her body and tickle her while she’s jerking a lot.
Then Alsu lies on her back on a thin bondage device and I tickle her belly and navel, move ice cubes over her nipples and belly button and around her belly and then mercilessly tickle all her body.

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