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Anfisa barefoot hogtie

Anfisa is firmly tied with ropes. She loves that. She’s barefoot and her beautiful feet constantly seen in the frame. She lies on the table and struggles a little bit. At some point, I enter and put a ball gag into her mouth. After that, I take some oil and lubricate her feet. I like the way its shining. After that, I tie her big toes with a thin string and let the string from her tied toes to her gag.
Anfisa got caught now, she is completely helpless and she can’t get out, but she doesn’t need to do it since she enjoys her position.

After a while, I remove the ball gag and put another o-ring gag. Hmmm… it looks very tasty. I take a bamboo stick and beat her soles slightly, at that moment I want to hear her mooing and squealing.
In the end, I leave her alone and go out of the room, let the babe still be hogtied, especially if she likes it so much. Enjoy!

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