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Length - 30:19 -
Definition - 1080P

Arched bondaged Lana- what a date!

Lana is a sexy girl and she is supposed to meet for real for the first time a girl (you) that she recently met on a dating website. Lana is arriving at the girl’s home, wearing a sexy mini dress, sexy bra, garter, panty, shiny glossy skin and dark shoes. Also, she has lovely red nail polish on hands and feet. She has got her hair pulled behind and ponytailed high.

Yuno lets Lana in and pleases her to take her ease, she brings a glass of drink to her. She gets closer and closer to Lana, showing her that she is very attracted by her, and Lana is happy with that. Then the girl brings a bunch of rope and shows it to Lana. Lana looks quite surprised and asks what’s that for. After the girl explained a bit Lana accepts to try some bondage game. But she doesn’t know that the girl has evil plans for her (she will find out very soon).

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