Genuine Tickling

Art Student Sara’s First Time in the Stocks

Art Student Sara’s First Time in the Stocks


Length : 10:56

Sara enjoyed torturing Laurine and Estelle, now it’s time for her to experiment her own medicine! Sara is a student in an art college, she is a very cultured girl with a playful personality. She has not been tickled since her childhood but she remembers that each time someone grab her foot to play with, she ended up screaming and shouting. Now she is here, in the stocks, and she is damn scared !

Laurine and Estelle did not like how vicious Sara was when she tormented them, so they won’t go easy on her ! The girls tickle the crap out of Sara’s feet ! Their fingers are not efficient enough, so they pick some tools to help ! Feathers and brushes force the poor victim to laugh a lot, but the gloves … the gloves drive her litterally crazy ! Sara can’t support to have her little feet scratched with the gloves, she laughs histerically during the process ! This is an intense experiment for the little art student !

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