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“As after sex” – Only Unmerciful Long Tickling

Without preludes, we begin improvised and merciless tickling with the new model Ksenia. As it turned out, she is really ticklish.
She is fastened to a leather mattress, dressed in shorts and a tight T-shirt.
Ksenia loves kinky games, and tickling is a new challenge for her.

Throughout the clip, you will see the merciless tickling of a young girl. Seven shooting angles devoted only to tickling and occasionally to tickle-biting.
The initial position is the top view when I tickle her feet and get to her sides and armpits.

During this time, she was already sweating slightly and wildly laughing from the ribs tickling. Her armpits are very sensitive. Hips and waist are super sensitive.
Also, I tickle her feet and bite them a bit.
The next position of the camera also represents a mixed tickling of all parts of her body from the feet to the belly. Here I start to bite lick and tickle her waist with my tongue, and Ksenia is going crazy from that.

Next, I turn to her feet and bite her toes, and during this, I try to tickle other parts of her body.
In the end, I lick her toes and tickle her feet with my fingers. The girl is already tired and wants to take a breath from laughter, you will see how I release her.
As after sex” – she said…

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