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Length - 11:34 -
Definition - 1080P

Astrid has fun and punishes feet of tightly hogtied Kate Anima

By John

Astrid wanted to play with Kate Anima’s feet and she was not against it. Kate Anima let herself be tied up in a strict hogtie, and Astrid was immediately there with a bamboo stick at Kate’s bare feet. Bondage for Kate is something like a door to meditation. She likes to be tightly bound for a long time, to feel her elbows go numb and how a feeling of pressure appears throughout her body.

She likes to feel helpless and to be tied up for a long time alone. She loves bondage where she doesn’t have to struggle a lot and she doesn’t need to pretend something, where she can just plunge into herself and engage self-contemplation – Kate shared this with me somehow.

Before filming, I asked Astrid to put more power into the blows, she heard me but understood it in her own way. I write this because you shouldn’t expect a very hard bastinado here, you will see here how one cute girl enjoys playing with feet of another, tightly bound one…

I wouldn’t say that the blows were weak, rather, Astrid was close to Anima’s pain peak. Enjoy!

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