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Astrid tickles Leya’s dirty feet on a sofa + small tickling challenge

Definition - 1080P
Length - 10:36


This is a very cute clip. I had troubles with preparing a gif for it because I couldn’t choose beautiful shots with pretty faces of Astrid and Leya. The problem was that they always turned out very cool and very sexy!
In this clip, Astrid first rubs Leya’s dirty feet and then begins to tickle them. This time, Leya is not bound, and the bondage is not used at all in the clip. This clip is very sweet and homely.
During the tickling Leya twitches very sexually and makes delicious sounds, squeals and sometimes even grunts.

Astrid is amused, and she tickles her tickle with pleasure. At some point, Astrid offers a contest to Leya. She should keep dollars between her toes, and Astrid will tickle her. Leya’s task is to hold the papers between her toes. It seems simple, but not for this beauty, whose feet are simply overly ticklish… Enjoy!

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