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Audrey and Valerie’s Quizz and Punishment

$23,98 $17,98

Buy here both clips “Quizz and Tickle Torture for Audrey and Valerie !” and “They both lost, they both laugh !” for a reduced price !

Length - 14:49
Valerie and Audrey ended last game on a tie, and since there is no loser, they thought that none of them will have to face the consequences. Well, they see no loser, I see no winner ! So they both have to go in the stocks for a final punishment :-P ! Audrey is the first to be strapped in the stocks again. Unfortunately, her feet are not as ticklish as they were at the beginning of the day. However, her thighs are ! The tickler and Valerie exploit this information and they make the beautiful blondie suffer ! Then it's Valerie's turn to go into the stocks. The 50-something woman is not less ticklish on her feet, for sure ! She might even be more, and the tickles annoy her a lot after a few minutes. She simply can't take it and she ends it both exhausted and a bit mad. At the end, you will hear the girls' comments about their tickle experience, with english subtitles. This is our last clip featuring these two beautiful women, don't miss it !
$14,99 $11,24
Length - 09:54
I totally forgot about that clip, but Valerie and Audrey did some more footage with us, and it would be a shame to not share it with everybody ;-) ! The two nurses are on the bed, and they're going to try to answer a few questions ... while being tickled on their upperbody ! The loser will receive a fair amount of tickle torture, so both of them is motivated ! Audrey goes first and she tries to give the right answers while her friend tickles her mercilessly, but she hardly understands the questions ! She then switches her place with her co-worker who manages to keep a bit calmer. However, at the end, they both give the exact same number of good answers ! So ... did they both win ... or both lose ?
$8,99 $6,74

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