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Audrey gets her Revenge on Valerie Face Down

Audrey gets her Revenge on Valerie Face Down


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Audrey and Valerie are back ! The two nurseries are ready for some more tickle fun, and this time it’s Valerie which goes first ! The brown-haired MILF is tied up face down with her best friend on her back. The girl has to endure 10 straight minutes of tickling with no break ! Audrey can tickle the poor lady everywhere, from the bottom of her feet to her neck, and she won’t lose an occasion like that 😉 !

Valerie was very mean with Audrey the first time they came, now it’s time for her to experiment some true tickle torture at the hands of the blondie. The upperbody and the feet both get a terrible punishment, Valerie is screaming of laughters all scene long. It is a very hard scene for the poor girl, she ended it totally exhausted at the point she could not roll down the bed ! This is the most intense tickling she ever had … and she will not forget it when the table will turn !

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