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Bad New Years day for collector – Hard Nude Tickle Torture (part 1)

Part 1.

A girl-burglar in a small mask sneaks into the apartment to steal some valuables. She looks around and suddenly hears jangling keys. Oh no, somebody comes here!
A masked man takes off his shoes, so he’s barefoot now. He finds women’s shoes and gets suspicious. He whips out a and comes into the room. He already knows where are the hidden part of the valuables. He opens a box and looks at the bounty.
Meanwhile, the burglar girl comes from behind and puts a to his head.
– Give me all now!
The man obeys, he didn’t expect that.
– Where’s the other part?
– I don’t know
She knocks out him… The man wakes up on a leather mattress, without a shirt. She cuffs his hands and puts a ball gag into her mouth. She’s going to torture him with tickling. Now he is under her control, she can do what she wants with him. She tickles his armpits and feet and he goes crazy. The burglar is ticklish!
Then she unbuckles his belt and whips him with it. She drops his pants and sees that he’s horny. She takes off his underwear and tickles him again.
The girl torture his feet scratches them and tickles, and when he’s wiggling too much she whips and slaps him.
Next, she takes feathers and toothbrush and tickles his balls and cock. She has lots of fun! He suffers and wiggles a lot while she enjoys the torture. His balls tremble from her touches.
Next, she stands up and put her feet on his neck to choke him a little bit. She tickles his body at the same time…

After that, she takes some oil and lubricates his feet. Poor guy! She drops the oil on his chest and tortures his armpits with her fingernails.
Then she takes a flogger and starts whipping his body and tickles his dick with it. The man is going crazy…
Closer to the end she puts her feet on his face and makes him lick her soles while she tickles his body. During the tickling, she puts her toes in his mouth. Seems that he enjoys it and ready to be a slave to her… To be continued.

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