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Be careful with your secret wishes, Leya

Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:12


Leya is relaxing at home wearing a black dress and tights and watching a series on her laptop. An ordinary melodrama, but there is a scene where a beautiful heroine of the series got captured and left with a taped mouth on a chair in some basement, with her hands shackled from behind. She moans and calls for help.

This scene didn’t leave Leya indifferent and she decided to play and try to feel what that tied victim from the series felt at that moment. Leya recalls that she has some tape at home, she takes it and seals her own mouth, and then ties her hands with it. After the self-bondage was done, Leya tried to pretend she was the same girl who was captured. After playing and struggling a little and trying on the role of the victim, she squeezes out the tape with her tongue and tears it on her hands with her teeth.

Everything would be fine, but what if thoughts can materialize? What if your desires come true regardless of whether you want them or not…

Leya’s neighbor was spying on her all this time and seeing her enthusiasm decided to help her. He bursts into her room, gags her mouth with a rag, and puts the tape over it.

As a result, Leya gets tied up with tape and her mouth is tightly gagged and taped. This time for real. In her heart, of course, she is glad of this coincidence, although she wasn’t ready for it.
In any case, the beauty’s desire was fulfilled and now she is tied up and feels like that girl from the series. All that is left for Leya is to struggle on the floor and try to get out of this damn tape.

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