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Belly button play & torment


Length - 28:06
- 1080P -
Published 18 June, 2022

Made by request. Feel free to contact us about custom videos with your fetish (email is above).

Ann wears black blouse tied up high to show her belly and jeans. She starts out sitting on the bed with tied hands and breast.
Patty unzips and unbuttons her jeans and pull them half way down to her knees so we can see the purple panties. Then she lays Ann across her lap, face up, with the camera looking down on her. Patty rubs Ann’s belly and plays with her belly button. Then she slap? Ann’s bare belly with her open palm all over (make? it red). Then she take? various round objects and stick them in Ann’s belly button and press them down deep, trying to stretch out and widen Ann’s belly button. Before she inserts objects in Ann’s belly button she put lube in it to make it easier. She rubs Ann’s belly some more, then slap it some more, then try to pull open and stretch out Ann’s belly button with her fingers. She hook her fingers in the sides and top and bottom of her navel and pull and stretch it out. She tries to stretch out Ann’s belly button really wide, opens it up and get a look inside her belly button. She tries to pop Ann’s belly button inside out, gives her an outie.

The next scene opens with Ann lying on the bed with her ankles tied and her arms up over her head with her wrists tied. Patty unbuttons and unzips Ann’s jeans and pulls them down to her ankles. The camera should look down at Ann.

Patty rubs Ann’s belly again, then starts tickling Ann’s belly all over. She tickles in Ann’s belly button with all her fingers and thumbs. She also tickles in the belly button with q-tips and electric toothbrush. She blows raspberries all over Ann’s belly and in her belly button. Then she lick down deep into Ann’s belly button for awhile. Her head doesn’t block Ann’s belly button. We can see her mouth and tongue going down deep into Ann’s belly button. When she is done, she unties Ann and has her stand up. She pulls up Ann’s pants and buttons them and zips them up, then rubs Ann’s belly and plays with her belly button and the camera fades out.

At the end is short interview for Ann about this video.

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