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Burglar Anima vs burglar Zoya or Double trouble. Fetish Movie

Definition - 1080P
Length - 42:42


Kate Anima – tight jeans, short top, already barefoot (dirty soles)
Zoya – tight jeans, short top, first high heels, later barefoot (dirty soles)

Details: tying on screen with rope, big toes tied by a very thin long string. Breast-roping. Gagging with tape and ball gag

Story: Burglar Kate Anima at home sitting on the sofa and relaxes her feet. We can see her dirty soles as it knocks on the door. Thinking nothing bad Kate opens the door when burglar Zoya rushes in and overtakes the perplexed Kate…

Kate sits on the table, already tied hands and legs as Zoya ties her dirty feet.
– Dear Kate, you remember your break-in about 1 week ago? It brought you a lot of money! Why do I know that? Well, this supposed to be my job so where is the money, you bitch!
– I spent it all!
– I don’t think so, it’s better you tell me where it is, you feisty thing.
– Or what, you stupid cow!
– So be it. Hmm, nice table…
After these words, Zoya put a ball gag in Kate’s mouth and breast-ropes her.

Kate is bound with her ankles and thighs tied to the table. Zoya ties her dirty big toes tight together, pulls her soles back and ties them with a thing string to her tied knees to open up her soles. Ties a string to her pinky toes pulls them also back and ties them to her knees too, forcing her to spread her toes.
Kate is really helpless now.
– Anything to say or do you like some tickling or so? Kate rolls her eyes. Zoya starts to tickle and torture Kate’s dirty soles.
– We can do that for hours if you like! After some time, Kate gives up and tells Zoya that the money is hidden in the garage. Zoya gags her again and leaves her alone.

Kate got free and awaits Zoya with a pistol. As Zoya comes back, she forced her to put the money on the floor, to take off her heels and sit on the sofa. As Kate wants to tie her hands, Zoya takes the change and after some fighting, Zoya is able to overtake her.
– Go fuck yourself, you stupid cow!
– I’d better shut your mouth and tie you even tighter this time!

Kate Anima kneels on the floor with already tied hands and legs, Zoya puts few stripes of tape over her mouth to shut her up.
– You shouldn’t have taken my money, bitch!!! She breast-ropes her, ties her feet, puts her on the table, hogties her very tight, ties her wriggling big toes tight together. Kate mumbles and spreads her toes, Zoya ties all her toes together, adds a sting from her tied toes to her arms. Zoya leaves her alone for some struggling.
Zoya goes to the garage to take the money and leave but as she opens the door the perplexed Zoya gets pushed back and overtaken by a masked man…
– Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?
– Shut up, bitch! You will find it out soon enough.

Now Zoya kneels also on the floor with already tied hands and legs.
– Well, Zoya I thought that you knew where the money is so thank you. Nice job you did on Kate!
Zoya rolls her eyes as he puts few stripes of tape over her mouth. He breast-ropes her, ties her dirty feet, puts her on the table beside Kate. Zoya wriggles with her feet, hogties her also very tight, ties her wriggling dirty big toes tight together. Zoya is really furious, wriggles with her feet and spreads her toes.
– I see you aren’t happy at all, let’s change that! He cuts another thin long string, Zoya makes big eyes and he starts to ties all her toes all together, adds a sting from her tied toes to her arms.
– That’s irony! Two warring burglars are tightly hogtied on one table. I’m going to call cops, they will help you to get out, haha.
He tickles them for a while and takes the money and leaves them alone for struggling. Zoya and Kate Anima mumble through their taped mouths after the outgoing masked man… The End

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