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Camille’s Sweaty Socks Challenge

This little Camille here looks like a real angel here but I would say that it’s not the case since she loves to dominate the male race! She heard about our sick sweaty socks challenge and really wanted to give it a try! The rules are pretty simple. Our slave will have to deal with her sweaty socks in his face for thirty minutes! No matter for how long she has worn them! If not? She gets a two hundred dollars bonus! Camille has worn the same pair of white socks for about a week now to put all the chances on her side! Five days at work! Minimum of eight hours a day inside those warm leather boots! She just can’t wait now to take them off to cover his face with her sweaty white socks!

She remembers the rules to her slave just to make sure they are clear and give him the honour to take those boots off! The smell was absolutely crazy but she takes pleasure to cover his face with her sweaty white socks with a big smile of satisfaction! No sympathy! That was kind of her fantasy to do this anyway! Camille just can’t believe that a perfect stranger is actually sniffing her dirty socks that she has been wearing all week long! She takes pleasure to rub them all over his face and makes him lick the dirty bottom!

She now have thirty minutes in front of her to make fun at this loser so she makes him sniff her sweaty socks, lick them, suck on her toes, give her a foot massage, and test how deep he can take her foot into his mouth! She’s got a chronometer so no cheating! Half an hour of pure pleasure and amateur domination!

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