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Carmencita Tied and Tickled : Full

Carmencita is very curious and really wants to start the session as soon as possible. Once tied in the stocks, I remove the shoes and leave her delicate and beautiful feet completely vulnerable. She has large feet size 41, but at the same time thin and very stylized. Immediately I start to tickle her without stopping and curiously she is not very expressive with laughter but she writhes like a worm and crunches her toes in an incredible way, while listening to a delicate background laugh that invites you not to stop.

Carmencita reacts strongly when i brush her soles, and she explodes in laughter. Her friend Andy and Leire will help me in this season.

In the second part Carmencita is more ticklish than the first part, and her soles are more sensitive and it is perfect to brush them without mercy while she is tickled for all body.

Carmencita receives tickle everywhere from her friend Andy, Leire and Dante. Her soles begin to turn pink and she laughs, groans and begins to lose control.
We will use our fingers, nails, hair brushes, toothbrushes and we will sink your soles with oil to return to Carmencita extra sensitive and be able to make her laugh properly.
Carmencita loves to be tickled and especially on her feet and her feet are really delicious to  for hours.

Enjoy this delicious gang tickling!




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