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Carry Cherry in distress

Made by request

Scene 1
Carry Cherry is a burglar. She breaks into an apartment thinking there is nobody inside.
She’s dressed in sports clothes and white socks.
She’s taking a picture of an important document when a guy appears and grabs her from behind, putting his hand on her mouth.
Then we see her securely tied to a chair, ballgagged, bare breast and in socks. He wants to punish her, she looks scared.
As she’s making some noise, he decides to take off the ballgag and strictly rolls some tape around her mouth.
Then he sits on the ground in front of her, takes off her socks and starts to worship her feet.
Carry moans through her gag while the man sucks her toes and lick her soles, but she can’t escape his mouth.

Scene 2
Carry Cherry is gagged naked and ball-tied on the ground. She’s alone now. We can see her puppy eyes.
She struggles and moans, no way to escape. We can enjoy the view from few angles.

Scene 3
Carry Cherry is still ball-tied but now she’s lying on the table on her back.
As her feet are in the air, it is a very good angle to have access to them.
He stays in front of her and starts to lick her soles and suck her toes for several minutes.
While she pleads through her gag he gives her some spanking.

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