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Cassandra’s Sweaty Socks Tea

Definition - 1080P
Length - 14:33


Cassandra likes to surprise me all the time with her new crazy ideas, and she also likes to humiliate me with her feet all the time, so it seems like this one here is kind of special! She has been wearing the same pair of juicy kitty grey socks for about four days now, so she thought it could be nice to do something really special with them! We were both talking about drinking a nice cup of tea, so she told me that she have a brand new recipe that she would love to make me discover, but she doesn’t want me to know anything about her secret! I had to get out of the room, and close the door, so she could prepare her brand new tea recipe for me, right in front of you guys! She is talking to you about that crazy recipe, then she takes her sneakers off to show you her sweaty grey socks! They look so sweaty, and so moist! I am pretty sure that the smell of her socks was probably really strong! She had some boiling water on the side, so she drops some of that hot water in both cups, but it seems like the recipe was different for both cups! She puts a nice tea bag on her cup, then she takes her socks off to soak them in the other cup of hot water! This is so cruel! She is talking her time, just to make sure that all of her sweat is well mixing on that hot water, then hides everything around to make sure I do not know about her sweaty socks tea recipe!


Cassandra calls me back in the room, so she said that she is more then ready to let me taste her secret tea recipe! I really had no idea at this time, what I was about to drink, but it seems like she really makes fun at it! She puts both cups right in front of us, so I could see at this time that my tea was a bit different! We made a cheers, then I had my first sip of Cassandra sweaty socks tea! I must admit that it was kind of tasty at this time, but the taste was a little weird!

She was smiling, and probably laughing inside her watching me drinking her sweaty socks tea, but I would never blame her for doing this, since she is for sure one of my favorite Dreamgirl! She was drinking her tea, and I was drinking mine, and I have to say that the taste was really good after a few sips! I could see that there was a few herbs in the bottom of the cup, so I was trying to film it with my phone. It seems like it was finally some of that dirt from her feet! i can’t believe that she actually made me drink that sweaty socks tea, with her cruel smile of satisfaction on top of that! I had to drink it all, before she told me about what this was all about! There is also an extended version of this clip, with an uncut version at the end, so you could see it from the beginning to the end without any other camera angle! This was such a crazy thing to do Cassandra! I just can’t believe you did it to me!

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