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Courtney's Office Humiliation


Length - 06:08
- 1080P -
Published 14 April, 2021

Courtney is a really dominant woman and she likes submissive slave at her feet! That was a really long day at the office so she needs to rest her tired feet! Why not using your face as my stool? She makes this loser take her boots off then completely cover his face with her hot and sweaty nyloned feet! Zero Remorse! Courtney laughs because she knows how bad her feet smell after a full day marinating in her boots! She rubs them all over his face while chatting with her new date on the computer! She also asks for a ankle massage while pressing her feet in his face!

To have your face under my feet is just priceless! Courtney also makes him stick his tongue out to refresh the bottom of her sweaty nyloned feet! She also uses his mouth as a bath to rest her sexy toes in there! It seems like she was born with a slave at her feet! What a Bratty Chix!

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